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Our Insurance partners reflect the same high standards as ZCA.

Zack Cooper & Associates has a variety of insurance partners who are leaders and some of the largest insurance companies in the industry. Our partners are uniquely qualified in the specialized areas of insurance we offer. We choose our partners carefully as they must reflect the same high standards and principles of operation that we strive to achieve with all our customers.

National Interstate Insurance Company - An "A" rated carrier admitted nationwide, and highly regarded as the leading underwriter of Transportation insurance in the United States.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - An "A+" rated carrier and one of the best in the business for underwriting-large scale self-insured retention (SIR) policies, construction policies, and alternative risk programs.

American Safety Insurance Company - An "A" rated carrier with a proven track record for delivering highly competitive alternative risk programs.

AIG - An "A+" rated carried and world renown for its wide range of products in the transportation, construction, manufacturing, property, and workman's compensation arenas.

Zack Cooper and Associates has relationships with many of the top carriers in the nation to ensure that our customers have the most comprehensive and cost effective coverage, even in the most challenging situations.