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Dynamic solutions for
controling risk and cost.

ART (Alternative Risk Transfer) is a highly specialized area of insurance applying dynamic non-traditional solutions to traditional insurance problems. ART allows those with large insurance needs to assume some risks within a predictable loss layer of their coverage. In so doing, the insured receives a portion of the underwriting profits that would have normally gone to the insurance company, thus reducing the overall cost of insurance. Highly successful insureds can use the ART structure as a tool for long term financial planning or wealth conservation and transfer.

ART is a customized, cost effective solution when no coverage is available or only restricted coverage is available at a very high cost. Structuring ART programs requires in-depth understanding of insurance, re-insurance, alternative risk financing, application of actuarial data, and program architecture. ART programs include:

  • Single parent captive, owned by a single insured
  • Homogenous Group captive, owned by a group of similar insureds
  • Heterogeneous Group captive, owned by a group of dissimilar insureds
  • Agency Captive, owned by the insurance agent
  • Rental Captive, a captive formed and rented to one of the groups above to save the cost of captive formation.

Zack Cooper & Associates has built customized ART programs for a variety of large corporations, national programs and non-profit organizations. For more information about how we can develop an ART program to fit the needs of your business, contact Zack Cooper at 866-722-0812